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Maritime Law

Maritime Law

Politically, economically and commercially, Northern Cyprus has critical importance in the Northern Mediterranean. The increase in international trade resulting from the globalization of the economy and the ability of ships to carry the greatest load of cargo at one time lead to the development of sea trade and the development of maritime law, with such law applied both domestically and internationally.

Gürkan & Gürkan Advocates and Legal Advisers provides the highest standard of legal services in maritime law to its clients with its experts in the field. Some of these services include:

  1. Cases involving Maritime Criminal Law
  2. Legal services relating to consignment notes
  3. Preparation of freight contracts and the resolution of disputes resulting from freight contracts
  4. Preparation of maritime commercial contracts
  5. Debt actions resulting from maritime commerce
  6. Preparation of contracts for captains and seamen
  7. Provision of legal opinion on protocols involving maritime law
  8. Provision of legal opinion on disputes arising at the loading / unloading of ships and the handling of associated court cases
  9. Consulting services related to general average
  10. The collection of fuel debt
  11. Provision of legal services for the collection of funds owed to ship personnel
  12. Cases relating to damages incurred during shipment of goods by sea
  13. The resolution of issues relating to harbors and customs within the borders of the Republic of Northern Cyprus
  14. The arrest of ships and setting free of arrested ships
  15. Execution of equitable lien rights
  16. The installment of imprisonment rights
  17. Preparation of charter party texts
  18. Disputes resulting from the interpretation of charter party texts
  19. Mortgage operations within the realm of maritime law
  20. Preparation of ship and yacht building contracts
  21. Preparation of contracts governed by maritime laws
  22. Consulting services relating to maritime insurance law
  • From what date are the salaries of the ship staff calculated? The right of wages of a seafarer of a TRNC ship shall begin from the date of employment or from the time specified in the agreement for the start of employment or for a presence on board.
  • Are there any payments other than those specified in the charter party? In case of exceeding the period determined by the agreement between the buyer and the agent for the unloading of the cargo in maritime transport, the buyer shall pay a price per container outside the charter party. This price is called demurrage.
  • Who is the charter party made between and how? A charter party is an important part of maritime transport and is made between the carrier agency and the owner. This agreement must be made in writing and must indicate the authorized carrier agent and all costs to be incurred until the delivery of the goods.
  • What should be included in the bill of lading? Since the bill of lading is the document stating the owner and the conditions of the shipment, it needs to include information concerning the owner of the goods, the receiver of the goods, the name of the ship, the departure and arrival port information, the number of goods or containers and, most importantly, the place of payment of the carriage.
  • What is required for maritime trade? 3 important documents are required in order to complete maritime transport transactions. These are as follows: a) Bill of Lading: This is the document that shows the owner of the goods and contains the conditions of the transport b) Charter party: This is the document showing the transportation agreement between the carrier and the owner. c) Delivery Order: This is the document given to customs for the delivery of the goods to the buyer.
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