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Our firm specializes in the law of administration of estates and the law in relation to wills. With the instructions of our clients, we draft wills in relation to, including but not limited to, the distribution of their movable properties, immovable properties, investments, and appointment of executors. In addition to these and with the request of the relevant beneficiaries, our firm provides the services of administering the estate of a deceased person who left a will or who died intestate.

To give effect to the true intention of the testator and to eliminate any possible disputes that may arise in the future, it is vital that legal advice is sought before and during the preparation stage of a will. Due to this, all the wills prepared by our firm is done so in accordance with the Wills and Succession Law (CAP 195) and other relevant legislation in effect.Upon request, the relevant will may be prepared in English as well as in Turkish. After a will is prepared, it is deposited with the Probate Division of the relevant District Court for it to be sealed and safely preserved until it is opened.


  • If I die, how can my heirs benefit from the properties I own on Contract? In case of death, a probate will be set up for management of your assets and these assets will include the properties you own on Contract. If you like, you can draft a will to arrange the distribution of your assets.
  • What happens if the will was written under force? If a will was caused to be written by force or by leaving the testator under the excessive influence or by deception, the will or any part thereof shall be invalid.
  • Are there any exceptions to the limitations in wills? There is only one exception to this. No limitations on wills shall apply to a person born in the United Kingdom or whose father was born in the United Kingdom or any member of the Commonwealth, regardless of whether the habitual residence of the deceased is in the TRNC.
  • Is there any limitation on assets that can be put into will? There are some limitations to wills. These are: a)    If there are a spouse and a child or a spouse and a child and their lineage, or if there is a child or the lineage of the child...
  • Is there any condition for preparing a will? For a will to be valid, it must be in writing and signed by the testator at the bottom or at the end, and the will must be signed in the presence at least two witnesses. If the will has more than one page, each page must be signed or initialled by the testator and the witnesses or by others on their behalf.
  • Who has the license to write a will? Being in good mental health and being over 18 years of age is considered as sufficient criteria to leave a will.
  • How can I write a will in the TRNC? Wills are made in writing and in the presence of 2 witnesses and are registered in the Inheritance Department of the Court. Commonwealth citizens...
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