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The supremacy of law is an irreplaceable principle of democratic countries and economically advanced nations. It is equally accepted that, in today's world of advanced globalization, a strong legal infrastructure provides a competitive advantage. Therefore, legal consulting services, in addition to classic services provided by attorneys, are becoming ever more critical. Especially when large-scale investments and projects are on the table, evaluation of the matter by a team of attorneys with distinct expertise in varying fields will provide significant gains in efficiency, while also saving time. Our Services
  • On what basis can a suit be filed, if there is negligence involved in a traffic accident? Where a traffic accident involves negligence, a suit can be filed against the party who has caused the accident on the following grounds: speeding, careless driving, inattentive driving, driving under the influence -including alcohol- driving while exhausted. In addition, a suit can be filed when the negligence does not qualify as gross negligence, but the party at fault is blamed to have caused the death of a person.
  • What is the doctor’s responsibility to the patient in medical malpractice suits? The doctor’s responsibility is to exhibit reasonable care, attention and skill while examining, declaring a diagnosis and treating the patient. As such, the power vested in the doctor requires that both the doctor and the entire medical team exercise utmost care and attention and best utilize their personal skills during the process. Where wrongful acts occur, the doctor shall be responsible.
  • What is the criterion in medical malpractice suits? The calculation of general damages involves: the calculation of the loss suffered during the period between the death and the conclusion of the lawsuit, the damage expected to occur between the conclusion of the suit and the date of retirement, as well as expected damages following retirement.
  • What are the required conditions in cases involving medical malpractice? Three conditions must exist for the harmed party to prove damage: that the accused was responsible to act with reasonable care and attention towards the claimant, the accused was negligent and at fault in acting without reasonable care and attention and finally that the claimant has suffered damages as a result of the defendant’s wrongful act and negligence; in more common terms, that there is a causal relationship between the negligence and the damage sustained.
  • What must I do to file suit in Cyprus? To file a suit in Cyprus, you must sign an official document (Avukat Tutma Varakası) stating such intent. If you will be outside of Cyprus during the suit, you can provide your attorney with a warrant of attorney, allowing him or her to act on your behalf.
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