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The supremacy of law is an irreplaceable principle of democratic countries and economically advanced nations. It is equally accepted that, in today's world of advanced globalization, a strong legal infrastructure provides a competitive advantage. Therefore, legal consulting services, in addition to classic services provided by attorneys, are becoming ever more critical. Especially when large-scale investments and projects are on the table, evaluation of the matter by a team of attorneys with distinct expertise in varying fields will provide significant gains in efficiency, while also saving time. Our Services
  • What must I do in order to establish a corporation in Cyprus? Foreign citizens who desire to establish a corporation in Cyprus, as well as those who will be shareholders in corporations, must contribute a capital of $100,000 or more. The required capital will be blocked in a client escrow account overseen by our Firm until the establishment of the corporation; following the registration of the corporation, this sum is transferred into the newly-established company’s account.
  • What kind of approval process applies to foreign nationals who desire to purchase real estate in Cyprus? In order to register a real estate in their name, buyers who are not citizens of Northern Cyprus need an approval from the cabinet (of ministers). Our office will follow up all related matters with the Ministry of Interior, where the application is submitted, with your provision of a form (available at our office), a copy of your passport and security clearance.
  • What must I do to file suit in Cyprus? To file a suit in Cyprus, you must sign an official document (Avukat Tutma Varakası) stating such intent. If you will be outside of Cyprus during the suit, you can provide your attorney with a warrant of attorney, allowing him or her to act on your behalf.
  • How can I draft a will in Cyprus? Wills are drafted in writing and before two witnesses, followed by a recording at the estate section of the court. Citizens of Commonwealth nations are exempt from the limitations put forth in the Will and Inheritance Law, and can thus designate any individuals as legal inheritors, regardless of whether these individuals are related. Citizens of all other nations, including those of Republic of Turkey as well as Republic of Northern Cyprus, are subject to the conditions put forth in the Will and Inheritance Law. For further information and to make an appointment, please contact our Firm.
  • How can I provide my attorney with a warrant of attorney? Must I come to Cyprus to do so? If the warrant of attorney to be used in Cyprus shall be signed in Cyprus, such signing must take place in the presence of an approval officer. Persons outside of Cyprus can get an approval to the warrant, prepared by our office, at the representative office of the Northern Republic of Cyprus or, where such an office is not available, at the consulate of the Republic of Turkey.
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Founded in 1974 by Attorney Selçuk Gürkan, the Gürkan & Gürkan Advocates and Legal Advisers ranks among the largest and most respected law firms in Northern Cyprus. With offices in Kyrenia and Famagusta, and serving you with experts in their respective fields, our Firm is the trusted business partner to leading companies, international investors and individual clients. Detailed Info