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Business Law

Business Law

In business life, problems can arise between the employer and the employee that make continued collaboration impossible. Labor Law 22/92 protects the rights of both employers and employees in cases of a justified dismissal. According to article 15 of the Labor Law, the annulment of the employment contract by the employer must be served in writing. Thus, an employee, when he or she is laid off, must have an understanding of the reason for such action.

While the compensation that can be demanded by the employee upon the cessation of employment varies depending on the circumstances of dismissal, the main types of compensatory relief available are as follows:

  • Severance notice payment
  • Compensation for unjust termination
  • Compensation for overtime
  • Compensation for vacation days
  • Compensation for legal holidays
  • Compensation for annual leave

Our team, comprised of attorneys specializing in individual and collective labor law, as well as occupational health and safety, provide legal consulting services to our wide array of clients in sectors ranging from private corporations to NGOs. Main types of services we provide in the field include:

  • Study and modification of employment contracts covering limited or unlimited timeframes
  • Legal support during the process of obtaining residential and work permits for foreigners in Northern Cyprus
  • Evaluation of employment contracts for specific or unspecified periods
  • Legal consulting services regarding the social security rights of our clients
  • Services encompassing the unfair termination of employment contracts; arbitration services thereof and the facilitation of court proceedings where needed
  • Termination of employment based on just cause
  • The protection of rights and compensation of employees in cases of unjust termination

In addition to the aforementioned services, we also house a team specializing in compensation cases resulting from occupational accidents, which involve injury or death of employee(s) during the execution of work or related actions. In case of a work-related accident, the employer or the persons who are responsible for the accident, or those who have failed to take the required precautions to avoid such accidents, are obliged to pay the associated compensation to the employee or descendants of the employee who, in the case of his or her demise, will be deprived of the support provided by the employee. Gürkan & Gürkan Advocates and Legal Advisers provides legal consulting services to the individuals who sustained work related accidents, and their loved ones, for the highest possible compensatory relief, while also presenting the related facts to the court in the best possible manner. We provide support to ensure the proper collection and filing of health reports, income tables, social security payments, allowance payments, as well as expenses of the spouses and children of our injured clients. With the proper preparation and management, our team has obtained very significant sums of compensation for many of our past clients.

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