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Immigration Procedures In North Cyprus

Immigration Procedures In North Cyprus

In absence of a residence, work or other permit, a person can legally stay in North Cyprus for up to three months. A three month tourist visa is given to the individual upon entry.

There are permit options available for those who fulfil the criteria or each permit. You will need one of these permits if you wish to be able to stay in North Cyprus for more than three months at a time.

You can apply for residency by way of property ownership when you have a registered contract of sale even if you do not have the title deed to your name. This way, you will have 1 year long residence permit available for renewal each year as long as you keep the property.

Upon residing in North Cyprus with a temporary residence permit for 6 consecutive years, owners of properties worth more than 125.000-EUR, property owners can apply for White ID which provides them with the chance of permanent stay in North Cyprus without any upper limit. During the 6 consecutive years, the property owner should not have left North Cyprus for more than 240 days. The 6 year prerequisite is deducted to 3 years if the property owners is 60 years old or older.

A person can also apply for residency permit via incorporation. First of all, a company needs to be set up by the candidate. Once the incorporation process is complete, the shareholders can apply for residency by incorporation by making an application at the immigration office. This permit can also be renewed yearly as long as the applicant is still a shareholder.

A foreigner can also apply for work permit in TRNC. Their employer must make the initial application on the workers behalf to seek a pre-permit, allowing the prospective worker to enter TRNC. Once the worker enters TRNC and begins working with the employee, full working permit is granted, remaining valid as long as the worker remains working with the said employer

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  • February 2023