The Best Contract is An Agreement The Conflict of Which is Resolved Without A Case

The Best Contract is An Agreement The Conflict of Which is Resolved Without A Case

There are more and more contracts made nowadays, but the people who create these contracts are not necessarily lawyers. This in turn makes the solution of the disputes arising from wrong or incomplete contracts more complex and consequently even the slightest dispute is brought to Court.

First of all, it is important to note that the preparation of a legal contract by the parties is one of the major components of an agreement.

Although the Law of Contracts and our Case Decisions may shed light on how an ideal contract may be prepared, it is necessary to prepare your contracts by an experienced lawyer who can offer methods in order to resolve a possible dispute that may arise between the parties. This will not only be beneficial in terms of analyzing any potential disputes but also, in the long term, financially as well.

The contract is seen as the source of commitment in the legislation. A contract is an agreement that a party can turn to a Court to enforce. Contract law is the area of law that governs making contracts, carrying them out and fashioning a fair remedy when there is a breach. From the smallest shopping to daily trade relations, every contract is actually considered within the scope of the contract law. Therefore, the first person to be contacted regarding an issue arising from a contract should be a lawyer.

Without a lawyer involved, contracts can have serious consequences. You might pay far more than you should, lose the right to a valuable property, or expose yourself to unnecessary business and financial risks, including costly lawsuits.

Any litigator will tell you that untangling a poorly written or non-existent contract can be far more expensive than paying a lawyer to do it right in the first place.

Gürkan and Gürkan Advocates and Legal Advisers can provide you with professional legal advice and assistance. Our team's main principle is a commitment to absolute quality in the work we offer for our clients with strict confidentiality. Our firm currently employs highly qualified lawyers and office administrators. Our staff consists of professionals who can provide high quality assistance in contract drafting and legal document preparation.

Attr. Deniz Avkıran
  • Attr. Deniz Avkıran
  • March 2019