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Recent Changes in Immigration Rules

Recent Changes in Immigration Rules

Usually, foreigners who are subject to fine or at default under immgrance rules are those who had to leave the country on an emergency such as illness, death or for education and did not manage to come back on time. While the families of those at default still reside in TRNC, they had to live away from them. The most recent change on the Immigration Law is meant to create means for family reunification while also allowing foreign students to return to resume their education. As known, the concept of family reunification is an essential part of European Convention of Human Rights

While it is not possible to delete the fine entirely, the fines are minimised to the point of one monthly minimum wage, making them more payable. Furthermore, one of the biggest advantages of the new legislative change is that it allows foreign students to renew their residence permits without having to leave TRNC only to re-enter.

Those subject to fine due to expired resident permits will be allowed to enter TRNC if they fulfil the following criteria. If the criteria is fulfilled, those wishing to enter TRNC will be given a 30-day visitors permit upon entrance. The criteria is as follows:

  • If the person has unpaid fines resulting from a permit expired over 21 days ago

  • If the person enters TRNC within 2 months of the said legislative change

  • If, upon entry, the minimum fee for penalty is paid upon entrance.

The criteria can ONLY be fulfilled by the following:

  • Those who are married to a TRNC Citizen once this legislation is enacted.

  • Children of a TRNC Citizden who are over 18 years of age

  • Parents of a TRNC Citizen

  • Those married to a ‘Carte Blanche/White Card’ holder

  • Children of a ‘Carte Blanche/White Card’ holder

  • Spouses of foreigners holding residence, work, incorporation of education permits.

  • Children of foreigners holding residence, work, incorporation of education permits.

  • Students who are registered or are unconditionally accepted to TRNC Universities.


Those who are holding expired permits (expired for over 21 days) for residence, education, spousal support, work or incorporation fitting the above criteria will not be held accountable for the rest of the fine, provided that they pay the one montly minimum wage worth of fine, within 2 months of enactment of this amendment.

Those who wish to benefit from this amendment wihout having to leave TRNC, an additional 200-TL should also be paid to the immigration office. Those who fulfil these payments will be given a 30-day visitors pass. Should the employer of anyone benefitting from the above mentioned amendments apply for a work permit, that person will be exempt from the pre-permit procedures mentioned in the Foreigners Work Permit Act.


Attr. Deniz Avkıran
  • Attr. Deniz Avkıran
  • August 2021