August 2021

Famagusta-Iskele-Yenibogaziçi Master Plan Completed

Since the Master Plan covers 14% of the TRNC surface area, it is natural to expect a serious impact under a single plan. The bill envisions to provide uninterrupted access to the 40-kilometer coastline, transforming the Famagusta Freight Port into a marina and cruise port, making arrangements to increase the quality of life of the people living in the region by preserving ecological life, and creating an individual trade center for each region. The Plan also envisages an increase in the number of 29,000 residences in the region which will exceed 100,000. Among the developments presented by the Plan, it is envisaged to build a hospital in Iskele with a 120 bed capacity aimed at meeting the regional need. The plan also envisages leaving 33m2 of green space per capita, which is higher than the European standard, for an environmentally friendly development of the region. In addition, attention was paid to preventing rapid and uncontrolled development while designing the Master Plan and at the same time respecting the historical texture, natural life and cultural heritage of the region as sustainability became the primary philosophy taken into consideration. To sum up, the Famagusta, Iskele, Yenibogaziçi Master Plan will ensure a healthier development of the region in terms of social, economic, cultural and infrastructural aspects. It will both create new investment opportunities for investors and also enable possible investments and constructions to be made in an orderly and environmentally friendly manner.

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